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Name: MajorB.O
HomePage: http://
Where are
you from: New Hamburg, On, CANADA!!!
Comments: This is my lyrics for your next hit song it is called 'I am the Best' Pre-Verse: Yo! This is Sammo (2x) Verse One: I bee dropin' da beats Like nobody can When I play sports I wear cleats And cool myself with a fan Chorus: I am the Best (4x) Pre-Chorus Verse Two: All you foo's bee tripin' 'Cause you know I the best You bee fightin' and kickin' When you hear my rap fest Chorus Cool rap outro!
COMMENTS FROM SAMMO!: YO YO Marjor B.O that was the best I would just like to thank u for making this rap and making is sooo good that it would win suck ah contest like this won i will concider recording it and it will be the biggest news on the new newsletter for 2000 three schools back in and that sucks addition of our news letter s.o thanks to ever you MAJOR U REPRESENTED DAWG AND THAT IS PHAT!!

Davy Boy

New Song!

YO. YO comin stright at you

(Sing in a british punk song tone)

Chorus: Yo. YO sammo and crew comin straight at you . ah ah(couf sounds) It;s not kj-52 did i say it wrong may yes but i saw some kid wearing a .........any who how life in the para dice , is wierd hows the beard soo any who snuf of dis and i can wait to listen to the new song about the won day i say the kid in the..........peace


  Lord Move Within ME
Lord, move within me
Lord, you've done it befor
I love to feel your arms of love
Calm my every fear
In my life I need to feel
ur precence around me
I seem to ignor the true facts
that you my lord will never leave

Lord I sing your praises,
Lord I've done it befor
When I feel your arms of love,
calm my every fear

I want to sing for you,
I want to dance for you,
I want to sing for you,
I want to dance for you when
You move within me
Lord you're doin it right now
I can feel your arms of love
calm my every fear

Draw me close to God

Rap for a Man VERRY NEW!

Hey, my baby could this be love?

When it has nothing to do with god above.

Lust my dear is what we have.

I dont know you but will you sleep in my bed.

It just doesent seem right it just cant be true.

If i love god i cant have you.

I wish you know how happy i was.

God wazzz is in my hart and i need him back cuz...

He did sum stuff that i dont know i could do.

Hes my creater, still the creator of you

And, I hope you reslize that this is rue.

I love you baby, but before it goes to far

I got to turnt my eyes on a brighter star.

Its called got is the giver. I need to be saved. So he gave me life. Ever lasting for his.

He's more powerfull then this lust will ever be.

Thats why i gotta go b redemed.

I will pray for you i wont forget . I will think about the man that i met. I wish you could see how much god loves you.  I prey that you see god loved you.

Remember , Remark, Embrace the spark. The wormth my got i am out lawed.

Its done.

In your Face
ha ha ha in your face I got God and you got discrace.repeat3 xs

1.Iv got eternity iv got everlasting life i got a daddy and you got strife.2xs

2.not sayin that i dont have strife but i got the daddy tht can forgive and save my life.2xs

guitar solo

in sreaming
reapeat 1st verse and then bridge

Bridge:I love my daddy and i thank him for eternity i love my daddy and i thank him for eternity AND I LOVE MY DADYY


Veggies are fool
Don't eat them befor swimming in the pool
tht's not cool
(repeat 10 times)

Get our of my face 'cause Johnny told me your a discrace, should I believe him, he seems like a nice guy, he eats a lot of rice but, that's no excuse 'cause hes diggen JC
Are you sure hes diggen him?
all u gots to remember is WWJD

Stay together for the Sheep
soon to come

My Webster's Spanish Dictionary
soon to come

These songs are only a taste of whats on our albums